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Helium Leak Testing Machines

Helium Leak Testing Machines



Single Chamber


Double Chamber


Double chamber with 2 circuits


Helium Leak Testing Machine

Helium Leak Testing Machine

We have manufactured helium leak testing machines, successfully sold in Indian industries manufacturers and companies. We have designed systems for a very wide range of applications within different industrial sectors and for each of them customer satisfaction has always been our main objective. With this objective in mind our engineers will always design the machine you require in line with your technical requirements and within your financial possibilities.

How to select leak detection method:-

Here with just various typical example of helium leak testing machine :

  • 1) Refrigeration & Air Conditioning.
  • Condensers : 0.1 to 3 grams / annum of gas, equivalent to around 2.0 e-5 mbar l/s of helium
  • Evaporators : 0.1 to 3 grams / annum of gas, equivalent to around 2.0 e-5 mbar l/s of helium
  • Compressors : 0.1 to 3 grams / annum of gas, equivalent to around 2.0 e-5 mbar l/s of helium
  • Aerospace cooling systems : 0.2 micron hole, equivalent to < 1.0 e-6 mbar•l/s of helium

SF6 Circuit breaker

  • Leak testing is of paramount importance to ensure safe operation of the switchgear during its lifetime. 'Vacuum switchgear' must maintain their vacuum in order to prevent arcing within the switch.
  • Likewise 'gas insulated switchgear' must maintain their pressure level to prevent arcing when the contacts open. Sulphur-hexafluoride (SF6) is used due to its dielectric properties. However, SF6 is a most potent greenhouse gas so cannot be released into the atmosphere. Strict control is maintained over its usage, with every gram accounted for.
  • Leak rates are specified at 1% volumetric loss per annum (IEC 60694), equivalent to helium leak rates in the range of 1.0e-6 / 1.0e-7 mbarl/s

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